The William and Mary Sternhagen Family

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Mary Ruth Bickett was born May 21st 1933, she married William Jr. Sternhagen born March 13th, 1928 on May 25th 1953

Their first son Michael William, was born  Jan. 24th, 1954 he married Tammy Hoffman born April 8th 19.. On October 15th 1976.

Their 2nd son James Patrick, was born Feb. 16th, 1955, married Annette DeRungs Set. 9th, 1989.

Their 3rd son Mark Thomas, born Feb. 27th, 1956, no known children.

Their 4th son John Arnold, born Feb. 5th, 1967, Married Janette Sept. 3rd, 2000.

Their daughter, Bethany Ann, born June 1st, 1967, Married John Simonson June 30th, 2007.

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