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Computers Network Systems and Support, file download & support page


Windows 7/Server 2008R-2 update fix for fixing network connection problem


AVG Installer


Force AVG uninstall


 Windows 7 Updater


Windows 7 update fixer


Windows 7 and Server 2008R2 hotfix for M.2 drives


Windows 7 fix for Gen 7 and 8 updates


Remote printer Client TSPrint


Remote printer host (server) TSPrint


Cute PDF printer


Cutepdf converter


Download adobe Flash Player 11


Download Adobe Acrobat 11


Download Firefox Web Browser


Download Java


Download Thunderbird Email Client


Create folder Fix for Brenda


Microsoft Internet Explorer 7


Microsoft Internet Explorer 8


Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 32Bit


Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 64bit


AVG 2013


AVG 2014


AVG 2015


AVG 2016 The most current version, Not sure if all the bugs are worked out yet


Remove windows 10 upgrade notification


AVG remover 2015 32 bit


AVG remover 2015 64 bit


Avg remover 2012 32 bit


Avg Remover 2012 64bit


Avg Remover 2013 32bit


Avg Reset access


Directions for removing older AVG and Installing AVG 2011 Please read this before attempting to upgrade to AVG 2011



Malwarebytes Virus removal program, free Currently one of the best out there


Malwarebytes new version


Microsoft Safety Scanner


Microsoft Security Essentials 


Microsoft Security Essential 64Bit version


Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007


Microsoft fix for slow file opening on network, office 2007


Microsoft fix for problem with Excel 2003 opening files over the network


Microsoft fix for slow opening files on network office 2003 and 2007 64Bit OS


Superantispyware removal program


Revo uninstaller


Dell 5200 Printer






SP3 for XP


Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 64bit This is a very large file, consider downloading directly from Microsoft


Service Pack 1 Windows 7 32bit


Office 2003 resource kit


Office 2003 Service Pack 3 


Office 2007 Service Pack 3


Win zip 8.0


Win zip 12.1


Multi-sim Student Trial Version


Microsoft Office File Format Converter for Office 2007 or newer files on office 2003 systems


Microsoft Fix to Disable logging


XP CD Problem fix file


Fix EXE problem


Microsoft updater program


Norton Power Eraser


Norton Ghost 15.0 Trial Version


Microsoft .net 3.5


Microsoft .net 2.0


Logitech Webcam software


HP Tape utilities


Hp 6000 printer basic driver


Realtec Audio driver 64bit


Fix to get rid of Windows 10  update popup


Patch for ex-Fat to format USB drives on XP


Adobe Acrobat 8.13 This is the free version adobe reader 8 if you are having problems printing with version 9 try this one.


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