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William Bickett Descendants


Heritage of Scotland


Robert Bickett of Kilmarnock, Ayr. Scotland, born 1652, marriaed Joan Gannley.


Robert Bickett, was born October, 28, 1688, in Kilmarnock, Ayr. Scotland, son of Robert Bickett, and Joan Gunnley, married Mary Crielman of Kilmarnock Ary. On September 6th 1736 at the Presbyterian Parish of Kilmarnock Ayr.


††††††††† Mary Crielman, was born June 29th, 1714 in Kilmarnock Ayr. Daughter of John Crielman and Agnes Ferguson, Mary Crielman died October 20th 1761 at Kilmarnock Ayr.


Children of Robert and Mary Bickett


Robert Bickett born August 4th 1737 Kilmarnock Ayr, came to America

Agnes Bickett born January 31st, 1739 Kilmarnock Ayr.

William Bickett Born December 2nd 1742, Kilmarnock Ayr, came to America, married Jane Hart. *

Alexander Bickett born March 17th, 1744 Kilmarnock Ayr, came to America

Mary Bickett born December 14th 1745 Kilmarnock Ayr, died November 20th, 1747

Mary Bickett born February 7th, 1748, Kilmarnock, Ayr, married William Wallace, minister of Presbyterian parish of Kilmarnock Ayr, Scotland.


William Bickett and two brothers came to America. Williamís parents and grandparents lived and died in Kilmarnock Ayr, Scotland.


William Bickett was a native of Scotland, born December 2nd, 1742 in Kilmarnock Ayr. Scotland, the son of Robert Bickett, a bonnet maker, and Mary Crielman. He was baptized December 5th, 1742 in the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. William died 82 years later on February 23rd, 1824 in what is now Marion County, Kentucky. He was an American Patriot during the Revolutionary war and a Kentucky Pioneer.


††††††††† William left England and came to America in 1773. He sailed from Liverpool, England as a bond servant to James Starr and assigns and arrived at Philadelphia, PA on April 30th 1773. In 1776 William was living in Fredrick County, Maryland where he served as Justice of the Peace during 1777 and 1778. William took the Oath of Allegiance to the United States on March 21st 1778. He served in the Maryland Militia as a soldier of the 50th Regiment of Maryland during the War of Independence. William was discharged from the Maryland militia on May 5th, 1796.


††††††††† William Bickett left Maryland in 1792 for the new land in Kentucky. He arrived at the Catholic Settlement of Raywick on the Rolling fork River in 1798 and built a log house on 160 acres of land he acquired. He traveled through the Cumberland gap along the wilderness trail to Nelson county, Kentucky and from there to Washington County KY. William lived in Raywick for 26 years until his death in 1824.


††††††††† The log home which he built still stands at this writing and is preserved by the William Bickett descendants of Marion County KY.

Bickett Log Cabin, Raywick, KY. Built in 1798 by William Bickett Photo taken July 4th 1984 by another William Bickett


William Bickett married Jane Hart, an Irish Catholic and converted to the Catholic faith. Information from the bible and other records state that William was disinherited by father and came to America. Little is known of Jane Hartís family. She was born in 1755 in Northern Ireland, came to America with William and was the mother of 7 sons and 2 daughters. She died in Washington County, KY sometime between 1820 and 1830. Both William and Jane are buried in St. Charles Cemetery in St. Mary, KY.


††††††††† William Bickett died without a will. His land had been divided among his sons before his death, except for the 160 acres along the Rolling Fork River. This land, and his property was sold by the court of Washington County, KY. It was to the benefit of all the heirs that the land be sold, and the money from the sale be divided among the heirs. Samuel Bickett, son of William Bickett bought the land along the Rolling Fork River for $355, and included the house and all buildings. This land stayed in the Samuel Bickett line from 1830 to sometime in early 1900 when it was sold by the heirs of James Henry Bickett, son of Samuel Bickett.


††††††††† Anthony Bickett was appointed by the court to look after the interests of Adain Bickett, grandson of William Bickett and son of James Bickett, deceased son of William. Anthony Bickett also had rights by the court to use the land of William for a fee until the estate was settled.


††††††††† Seven of William and Janeís children were born in Maryland, the two youngest being born in KY. Nathaniel was born in the wilderness on the way to Washington County, KY. William Arnold was born on Christmas day 1800 in Raywick, KY.


Children of William and Jane Bickett.


James Bickett b. 1775

Sarah Bickett b. 1778

Anthony Bickett b. 4/9/1783

Mary Bickett b. 1784

Henry Bickett b. 1785

Thomas Bickett b. 1/15/1788

Samuel Bickett b. 1790 *

Nathaniel Bickett b. 3/15/1798

William Arnold Bickett b. 12/15/1800


Grandchildren of William Bickett


Samuel Lawrence Bickett son of William and Jane Hart Bickett was born in Fredrick County, Maryland in 1790. He came to Kentucky with his fatherís family in 1797. Samuel married Mary Livers in Washington County, KY on November 27th, 1818. Mary Livers was born in Fredrick county Maryland, in 1788, the daughter of Thomas Livers and Judith Elder. The Livers family left Maryland in 1797 with a party of about eighty persons including the Bickett family. Thomas Livers and the William Bickett family settled in the Rolling Fork River settlement.


††††††††† Farming was Samuelís occupation. In 1830, he purchased the William Bickett farm from the heirs, 106 acres for $355. He also purchased other land and his farm consisted of about three hundred acres.


Samuel died in 1855 in Marion County KY. Mary Livers died in 1858. Samuel and his family were member of the St. Francis Xavier Church of Raywick. Both Samuel and Mary are buried in the Church cemetery.


Samuel and Mary had 6 children born in Marion County, KY.


Children of Samuel and Mary Polly Livers Bickett


††††††††† James Henry Bickett, born July 6th, 1822 *

††††††††† Georgia Ann Bickett, born Jun 1823

††††††††† Mary Josephine Bickett, born November 1st 1826

††††††††† Mary Ann Bickett, born July 3rd 1826

††††††††† William Thomas Bickett, born February 12th 1828

††††††††† Mary Isabella Bickett, born November 17th, 1829


Samuel Bickett †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Mary Polly Livers Bickett

Samuel Bickett Family


James Henry Bickett son of Samuel L. Bickett and Mary Polly Livers was born in Washington County, KY on July 6th, 1822, now Marion County. He was born in the same home which his grandfather, William Bickett built a quarter century earlier. James Henry inherited this home and the land from his father, Samuel L. Bickett and farmed until his death on November 17th, 1889. He was married twice the father of 15 children born in Marion County, KY. His first marriage was in 1844 at the St. Francis Xavier Church in Raywick, KY to Mary Ann Miles. She was born in 1824, and died in 1870.


††††††††† James Henry married Julia Ann Whitfield on November 28th, 1871 at the St. Francis Xavier Church in Raywick, KY. Julia Ann was born December 16th, 1848 one and a half miles from the town of Raywick. She was the daughter of Charles William Whitfield and Cecllia Ann Lyons.


††††††††† Charles William Whitfield was born in Washington County, KY on August 15th, 1810. one of three children of Bernard (Barnabus) Whitfield, and Eleanor Ann Constable. Bernard and Eleanor were married February 19th, 1803 in Washington County, KY. Bernard Whitfield was born in Virginia and died in 1822 in Washington County, KY. He came to Kentucky in 1795.


††††††††† Cecelia Ann Lyons was born in Maryland on October 12th 1812, daughter of Augustine (Gusty) Lyons and Sarah Ann Mattingly. Augustine Lyons was born in Maryland in 1789, and died in Marion County, near Raywick in 1854. Sarah Ann died in 1844. Cecelia Ann came to Kentucky in 1817 with her parents and a brother. She was 5 years of age and rode the distance from Maryland to Kentucky on horseback behind her mother. Augustine Lyons was a carpenter in Marion County.


Charles William Whitfield and Cecelia Ann Lyons were married in Washington County, KY on November 26th 1833. He was a farmer in Marion County. He died February 26th, 1884. And Cecelia Ann died February 6th, 1883. Both are buried at St. Francis Xavier cemetery, Raywick, KY.


††††††††† Julie Ann Whitfield was married twice. After the death of James Henry Bickett in 1889, she was married to Clement Benedict Hill on July 11th, 1892. Julia Ann and Clement had a daughter, Jane Frances Hill, born 1894 and died in 1979.


Julia Ann Whitfield died July 31st, 1918 in Raywick, near her place of birth. She is buried in St. Francis Xavier Cemetery.


††††††††† The old Bickett homestead was sold to William Bickett descendants in 1900 and still remains in the Bickett line, kept in good condition by the Bickett Owners.


Children of James Henry and Mary Ann Miles Bickett.


††††††††† Samuel Bickett, born March 24th, 1847

††††††††† John Philip Bickett, born January 20th, 1848 *

††††††††† Mary Elizabeth Bickett, born November 1st, 1844 baptized January 1st 1845

††††††††† Charles Carroll Bickett, born November 16th, 1853

††††††††† Francis Bickett, born November 16th, 1853, died at birth

††††††††† Benedict Joseph Flaggett Bickett, born March 1st, 1857

††††††††† William Thomas Bickett, born February 10th, 1862

††††††††† Josephine T. Bickett, born November 3rd 1865


Children of James Henry and Julia Ann Whitfield Bickett


††††††††† James Henry Bickett Jr. born April 30th, 1874

††††††††† Wallace Augustine Bickett, born August 31st, 1876

††††††††† Leonard Oscar Bickett, born July 27th, 1878

††††††††† Edward Vitalis Bickett, born August 21st, 1880

††††††††† Mertle Bickett, born March 20th, 1883, died March 20th, 1883

††††††††† Hugh Philip Bickett, born November 4th, 1885

††††††††† Jesse Bernard Bickett, born May 13th, 1889.


James Henry Bickett father of John Philip Bickett


John Philip Bickett, son of James Henry Bickett and Mary Ann Miles was born in Marion County, KY on January 20th, 1849 and died in Roseville, Hancock County, KY. In 1870, he moved to Daviess County, KY with his brother, Samuel Bickett and later moved to Hancock County to farm. John Married Mary Elizabeth Payne on August 6th, 1878 in Owensboro, KY. Mary Elizabeth was born in Daviess County on November 5th, 1863, daughter of Charles Louis Payne and Rachel Priscilla Beavan. John and Elizabeth were catholic and members of St. Thomas Church in Roseville. John died October 21st, 1941, and Mary Elizabeth died August 14th, 1940. Both are buried at St. Thomas Cemetery in Roseville, KY.


Children of John Philip and Mary Elizabeth Bickett


††††††††† Mary Josephine Bickett, born November 4th, 1883.

††††††††† Frances Roberta Bickett, born 1884, died 1884 at age 6 months.

††††††††† Rachel Priscilla Bickett, born 1885, died at age 6 weeks.

††††††††† James Ivo Bickett, born October 10th, 1887, died August 1967 in South Dakota

††††††††† Agnes Louise Bickett, born October 17th, 1888

††††††††† Henry Louis Bickett, born August 19th, 1891

††††††††† Arnold Leo Bickett, born April 3rd, 1894, *

††††††††† John Philip Bickett Jr. born January 3rd, 1895

††††††††† Inez Elizabeth Bickett, born November 1st, 1896

††††††††† Joseph Kendrick Bickett, born September 20th, 1898

††††††††† Leonard Oscar Bickett, born October 24th, 1900, died December 28th, 1900

††††††††† Eugene Bickett, born March 12th, 1902, died January 7th, 1905

††††††††† Edward Bickett, born 1906, died at birth

††††††††† William Bickett, born 1906, died at birth twin to Edward.

††††††††† Perrenella (Nellie) Bickett, born October 28th, 1905, died January 6th, 1906


John Philip and Mary Elizabeth Bickett


Arnold Leo Bickett son of John Philip Bickett and Mary Elizabeth Payne was born April 3rd, 1894, in Daviess County, KY and died December 15th, 1986 in Crofton, NE, Arnold Leo married Catherine Kribell May 8th, 1928 at Beresford, SD. Catherine Died in 1984 in Crofton, NE.


Children of Arnold Leo and Catherine Kribell Bickett


††††††††† Joseph Leo Bickett, born February 23rd, 1929, died August 31st 1999

††††††††† Helen Elizabeth Bickett, born July 3rd, 1931

††††††††† Mary Ruth Bickett, born May 21st, 1933

††††††††† Paul Eugene Bickett, born March 31st, 1935

††††††††† Margaret Ann Bickett, born December 18th, 1938

††††††††† Thomas Philip Bickett, born February 20th, 1943

††††††††† Patricia Rose Bickett, born April 14th, 1945

††††††††† Kathleen Therese Bickett, born March 16th, 1949

††††††††† Baby girl Bickett, born and died June 2nd 1950

††††††††† Cecelia Marie Bickett, born March 11th, 1952

††††††††† Leona Geraldine Bickett, born November 6th, 1953


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