Thomas & Rose Bickett Family


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Thomas Married Rose Mullaney born June 21st 19xx in September 1964?


Catherine born March 18th, 1965 Married Doug Steinmetz Born June 11th 1965 June 2nd 1984

          Nicholas born May 27th, 1985

          Jeffery born January 9th, 1987

          William born September 30th 1988

          Laeela born February 20th,

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          Kalani born June 30th


Leo born July 13th 1966


Patrick born January 20th, 1968 Married Stacie Hanson born September 27th 19xx on September 21st 1996

          Jackson born August 20th, 2001


Mary born August 21st 1969, Married John Christopherson July 24th  1993

          Shane born March 6th, 1992

          Mariah born January 12th , 1996

          Kaitlyn born October 6th , 1997

          Dane born January 9th, 2001

          Allison born March 20th, 2004


Dennis born November 26rd 1970 Married Angela Bohls born March 27th 19-- on April 10th 1999

          Ashlyn born May 15th 2002

          Bradyn born May 1st  2006


Timothy born July 6th 1972 Married Stacy Rose June 1996

          Kendrick born February 26th 2000

          Emmett born April 10th

          Karissa  born  June 29th 2005


Rita born August 18th 1974, died December 23rd 2005. Married Jeffery Spyksma September 11th 1999?

          Autumn born February 23rd, 2001

          Brooklyn born June 10th, 2004


Thomas (TJ) born May 7th 1978

          Conner born August 12th 1999


Christopher born May 2nd 1980