Mary and William Sternhagen Family

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Mary born May 21st 1933, married William Sternhagen Jr. born March 13th 1928, d. April 19th 1996, married on May 25th 1953


Michael born January 24th , 1954 Married Tammy Hoffman born April 8th on October 15th 1976

          Jannifer born March 30th 1977 Married Shane Woodruff born July 25th 1975 on June 6th 1998         

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                   Kylie born April 23rd 2003

                   Kasey born Jan. 16th 2008


          Betsy born June 8th 1978

          Benjamin born April 11th 1981

          William Jay (BJ) born May 10th 1988


James born February 16th 1955. Married Annette DeRungs September 9th 1989

          Maria September 22nd 1977 (step)  married June 9th 2007

          Jamie born April 13th 1991


Mark born February 27th, 1956

          No children (that I know of;)


John born February 5th , 1957 Married Jannette September 3rd 2000

          Alyssa May 16th 1988

                   Chance Jan. 16th 2010

          Amy June 26th 1990


 Bethany born June 1st , 1967

          Mathew born May 25th 1987

          Trevor born June 27th 1991

          Brooke born February 10th 1994


Beth will married John Simonson June 30, 2007