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Family History/information


Jannifer Woodruff Family


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Mary Ruth Bickett Graduation

William Jr. Sternhagen Graduation

Mary & Bill 25th

Mary & Bill 40th Ring

Mary & Beth

Beth Xmas late 60s

Beth, Brooke, Grandma & Trevor

Mary, Beth & Jan

Beth late 60s


Bickett Grandkids

Grandma Bicketts house by Winfred

Boy 60s

Brooke & Grandma


Carol, Bill & Mary

Grandpa & Ben

1979 Bill & Mary

Bill & Mary at a wedding

Bill at Bicketts Farm 50s

Bill 1977

Bill 1979

Bill, Carol, & Donna 1990

Bill, Mary, Carol & Donna 1990

Bill, Grandma Sternhagen, Gary Bell, Donna, Mary

Bill & Mary with Jamie

Halloween 1999

Maria & Jamie

Jan & Shane

At Jan's Wedding

Jan, Betsy, Ben & BJ 1987

Jim's wedding

John & Janet's wedding

John Graduation

Limo Ride

Mark Graduation

Mark 1985, or is it Tom Selleck?

Mark, Jim, Mark, John, Janie, Kathy & Nancy Orth

Mark, Jim & John

Matt, Jamie & Trevor

Mary with Matt, Tervor & Jamie

Mike & Jim

Mike & Tammy's Wedding

Mike Graduation

Mike's wedding

Grandma with Alyssa

Mary with Ann Saler

Mary and Beth 1972?

Beth & Mary 1986

Mary & Beth

Grandma & Betsy

Mary with the boys Xmas in basement house

Grandma & Brooke 1998

Grandma & Brooke 1999

Grandma & Brooke

Grandma & Trevor

Bill & Mary 1986

Grandma with Grandkids

Grandma & Jamie 1991

Grandma and Matt 1987

Mary & Mike

Mary & Mike grown up

Grandma & Trevor

Grandma & Trevor 1992

Grandma & Trevor 1999

Grandma & Trevor

Mary 1977

Mary 1979

Mary 1983, Beth Letter jacket

Mary 1984

Mary 1985

Mary Xmas 1986

Mary 1988

Mary 1999

Mary Xmas 1999

Mary 2001

Mary 2003

Mary new do 2006


Mary on Vacation

Grandma, Jamie & Brooke

Grandma, Jamie, Trevor & Matt 1992

Mary, Mike & Tammy

At the Inn

Sternhagen boys 1972, Really? Yikes!

Sternhagen House in Scotland, SD


Sternhagens 1983 at a wedding

Sternhagens at Bill & Mary's 40th

Trevor & Brooke Baptism

Xmas 1988

Mike, Jim, Mark, John

Bill at Bicketts

Mike, Mark, Jim


Mary 2007?


On vacation, Trevor, Matt, Brooke, John & Beth

Getting ready for swim suit competion

Grandma & Brooke

Who is the winner?

At Beth's wedding

Beth's wedding


Bill, Mary and the boys early 60s

Mary, Mike Jim & John? At Grandma Sternhagens 60s

Sternhagen Family 1983

Sternhagen Grand kids at Jan's wedding


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