Video of Dave, Doug and Emmett Singing “My love will not change”

Silly’s (Cecilia) Family

Cecilia Wittrock Family History

 Emmett's Birthday

* Clay playing and singing "Little Sadie" on YouTube

Izzie on Quad on Youtube

Video of Dave, Doug and Emmett Singing "My Love Will Not Change" (Steaming Video, quicker)

Video of Sunrise Canyon Video on Youtube

Kite surfing at Pismo Beach Video on youtube


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Eastern Slope

More Eastern Slope


Emmett on Quad

Emmett Punk Look

The 3 Musketeers

Willis Family at Pismo Beach

Cel Anniversary 2007

Cel and Izzy

Doug, Dave, Emmett and Lauren

Emmett helping Grandpa

Lauren and Batman (Emmett)

Dave Picking with

Susana, Izzy and Clay

Cel and Izzy Hiking

Doug & Izzy Hiking

Cel and Izzy


Doug at work?


Doug Hiking

Our New Camper

Windy day

Christmas Card 2007