Paul Arens Family

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About the Paul Arens Family:

Paul runs a small lawn care business called "The Groundskeeper" doing mostly mowing and fertilizing residential and small commercial lawns.  NO he doesn't move snow in the winter.  In winters Paul usually does part time jobs or works on the house.   

Here is a link to the website for a business Paul started with two others last year.  They are still getting it off the ground as it is part time for all.


Jules is a small animal Veterinarian with a practice in Columbus NE called Pet Care Specialists.  She's been with them 10 years now.  Time sure flies.  She also enjoys being a Mary Kay consultant and is growing her own business with that. 


Josie is in 1st grade and loves to learn.  She talks about being an artist and her favorite christmass presents were Bob Ross videos and art sets.  She also loves carrying one of our many cats around. 


2008 Christmas letter:


Happy 2008! I swear I had this letter written in the middle of December, but life caught up to me and now I have to revise it. We have had snow on the ground since the beginning of December, so it has felt like Christmas for a while now. The Arens family has been doing well this year, with a few sorrows along the way. My grandmother passed away just before Easter, after several months of worsening illness. We miss her, but know she is in Heaven and so happy to be well again. Paul and I both lost an uncle this year, as well.

On the pet side, we lost one cat, Emily, when she just disappeared in June. We also lost one of the goldfish--not sure if it was the ďtourĒ Josie gave them in a cup of water or the Windex she used on the fishbowl to clean it up. The other goldfish is going on four years old. Of course we had to add some animals, too! Phoebe and Zoey are farm cats (from different places) who could be twin Siamese--they are adorable! They came with some health issues but are both doing great now. We still have the four dogs, although Sam has used up two of his lives by running away and getting attacked by the neighbor dogs, twice! Many sutures later, he is back in one piece. You would think by the time heís 11 years old he would know to stay home!

Josie is a first grader at Immanuel Lutheran School. She still loves to draw and create, and school is going well for her. With swimming lessons this summer, art class and soccer this fall, and tumbling to start in January, she has an active social calendar.

Paul continues to have many jobs--lawn care in the summer, bullet making whenever he can find the time, and a part time winter job working in a T-shirt place. He is having a great time with cowboy action shooting (ask him what that means--it wonít fit in this letter!), and received an entire 1880ís cowboy outfit from me for Christmas. He went deer hunting this year for the first time, but didnít see anything. I canít say that I am sad about that!

My life is busy as ever. In January I will have been at Pet Care Specialists for 10 years. I am really enjoying my Mary Kay business, and have traveled to Dallas and Austin for that. I just got started with the TeamMates mentoring program, and love meeting with my sixth grader once a week at school. I continue to help Youth for Christ, although not as much, and I volunteered with the Holiday Spirit Coop to help hand out gifts to almost 400 families in need. I found out that I have a herniated disc in my back, so I am going to go start working out (slowly) and watching what I eat, so I will be in good shape if I have to have surgery.

Our house continues to be under construction, but we hope that will be wrapped up sometime this year. We did get a fence up in the back yard to keep the dogs home, so that is very nice. They love running around in the snow.

From our family to yours, we hope your Christmas was blessed, and that 2008 will be wonderful.