Jeff Steinmetz

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Address for writing to Jeff


MIDN Jeffrey A. Steinmetz

Class of 2011

P.O. Box 14634

Annapolis, MD 21412-4634


Jeff asks that you write shorter letters as it is easier to read those during the brief free times he has.

He also asks that if possible you number the outside of the letters in some way, so he can tell what order he should read them.

Jeff like all persons away from home really appreciates any mail that he gets.



Packages that are sent UPS or FEDEX get sent to
MIDN Jeffrey A. Steinmetz M116372
24th Company
Bancroft Express Office (410)293-7704
101 Buchanan Rd.
Annapolis, MD 21402

These addresses will remain the same now until he graduates. 
I recommend sending all packages through UPS or FEDEX as they are easier for Jeff to get when sent that way.  
Do not use the Express Office address for packages sent through US Postal Service.
Jeff made the football team at USNA. He was one of only 9 walk-ons that made the team.  He will probably play on the junior varsity squad. 
Go Navy! J