Arnold and Catherine Bickett

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House near Winfred

40th Anniversary

With Grandpa Kribell at 40th

Family at 40th


25th Anniversary


Arnold on Harmonica

On vacation in CA

Kribell family

at a family reunion

Grandma & Grandpa Kribell

Grandma & Grandpa with Mike, Jim, Mark, Meaca and Eric

Grandma Kribell

Grandpa Kribell

Catherine, Sr. Ruth, Teresa Kribell

Sr. Amica Dolan, Catherine Kribell, James Dolan

Kribell house near Beresford

Emmett Hall

Grandma Kribell as young girl

Emmett Cemetary

Back Row: Helen (Lena, our grandmother), John, Grace Front: George, Edith, Frank (father), Florence, Helen(mother), Stella, Clarence